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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home In 2019

Posted by Thomas Tedford on Jan 15, 2019 11:54:01 AM

Now that you’ve recovered from the holidays, it’s time to start putting your New Year's resolutions into action. Whether you plan to spend this year focusing on yourself or devoting more time to family and loved ones, it’s important to remember that your home deserves some TLC, too. After all, it’s where most of your memories from 2019 will be made. 

Here are five ways to bring a little more organization, style, and happiness into your home this year. 

1. Find a cleaning system that works for you.


 Let’s be honest: Most of us put off cleaning the house until the weekend. We clean to live, not live to clean. But the tidiness of our living space has a major impact on how we feel about home and ourselves. If you make cleaning a daily habit instead of a weekly chore, this tedious task will become much more manageable. Taking the trash out, vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, and picking up miscellaneous items on an ongoing, daily basis will streamline your weekend cleaning ritual. This will free up precious weekend time for fun with your family, or deep cleaning tasks like the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. Dividing up chores amongst members of your household can also lighten the burden of cleaning (and make the whole process a lot more fun). 

2. Cut back on your energy usage. 


Going green is great for the environment, and your bank account. Start by consistently turning the lights and water faucets off when they are not in use. When you’ve formed that habit, look for other ways to conserve, such as taking shorter showers. This will also help reduce the cost of utilities. Ensure your home is energy-efficient by swapping out your halogen light bulbs for LED, and inspecting the insulation of your home, including the ductwork and sealings of your doors and windows. 

3. Declutter and donate.  


Clearing out clutter and getting rid of items you no longer want or need will simplify your life and improve the functionality of your home instantly– just ask Marie Kondo! Start with your closets and bedrooms, then move to shared spaces like the kitchen, garage, and living room. Move at a sustainable pace, and don’t try to do everything in a weekend. Whether you choose to declutter your home over the course of a week, a month, or a year, set a goal that feels realistic to everyone involved.When you’re done, you can donate your belongings or hold a yard-sale.

4. Give your space a mini design make-over.  


Now that you’ve made room for what's important, you can fill empty spaces with things that bring you real joy. That family heirloom you dug out of storage? Find a place to display it with pride. The battered armchair you couldn’t bear to donate or replace? Reupholster it.The home office you were using primarily as a junk closet? Turn it into a guest bedroom. Look for pieces that are decorative, useful, and built to last. Then, invite everyone over to enjoy your mini make-over. 

5. Cross little projects off your to-do list. 


Kick off the year by taking inventory of the small repairs and improvements you want to complete around the house. Focus on the little tasks that would make a big difference, such as retouching paint, replacing gutters, power washing the exterior of your home, patching holes in the walls, and fixing sticky door locks. Next, plan when you’re going to get them done. Prioritize these improvements based on how often they impact your life, rather than how much effort or time it will take to complete them. No job is too big or small.Then, put an ordered list where you’ll see it all the time– on the fridge, for example. Aim to finish one task per week or month, depending on how many are on your list. Cross them off one by one for instant gratification.  

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